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How it all started

Priest lawn care was started in 1987 by Pete & Terri Priest. While working day-to-day at Steelcase and driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Pete began to plan a business of his own. They branched out to a different industry and ran local print ads to start developing a customer base.

Pete and Terri began the first season with 55 accounts and an underlying principle focused on attention to detail and customer service. This is a defining characteristic of the business which has been passed along to the employees to this date. Six years in, the family business included the kids who would work during their summer breaks. The guiding principles and work ethic proved successful as the business continued to grow.

20 years of growth brought a new challenge - there was a need for more services to better accommodate the growing needs of our customers. The transitional period started with the decision to rename the business from Priest Lawn Care to Priest Enterprises LLC; a new name encompassing the range of services.

We evolved into a full service firm offering services for winter, summer, spring, fall, fertilizer, salting, shoveling and many other aspects of the field. Leading the team during this transition was Pete’s oldest son Peter. The family business had entered it's second generation of operation.

Priest Enterprises LLC has over 500 customers and we attribute our success to giving customers what they want (and what they need) with the highest levels of integrity, quality, and service. Many of our first customers are still with us to this date and we would like to thank them for the years of loyalty and numerous referrals we have received. We would not be where we were today without your confidence in us.

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